Chicago, Illinois CityScapez Illuminated Skyline




Chicago, Illinois LED Illuminated Skyline Handmade from MDF. Painted with matte black paint.

Super-unique Illuminated Skyline of Chicago, Illinois. Bare walls look out! This art piece is ready to fill up and illuminate your wall and make a statement.

Each sign has an integrated wireless LED controller allowing the sign’s color and modes to be changed remotely. You can choose between 20 colors and 20 modes of operation.


Width: 20 in
Height: 8 in
Depth: 1 in

↳ Laser Cut Skyline Wall Piece
↳ 12V DC 1A Power Adapter with US plug
↳ RF Remote Control

Sign Details
The sign is constructed out of cast acrylic, and MDF. It features an integrated RGB LED strip which provides illumination to skyline sign.

These signs are handmade and built to order. Please allow up to one week for fabrication.

✈ Your package will ship vis USPS Priority Mail within 7 days or order